Overview Edit

The Order of Commissars is a mysterious warrior order of the Soviet Star Union, placed under the direct authority of the Premier. Commissars perform a variety of roles, ranging from political policing, to combating threats such as hostile Force users, Psykers and other types of high-profile, dangerous opponents. They are also tasked with maintaining the security of the Premier and members of The Politburo and act as a sort of honor guard during official events. They are highly trained and capable fighters, who's use of Voidswords gives them certain abilities, such as manipulating gravity. It is rumored that Commissars, themselves, are some kind of Psykers, though it is unknown if that is true, as the order is highly secretive and the process by which Voidswords are created, as well as the techniques by which the Commissars' abilities are developed and trained, are some of the things which are kept away from public knowledge.

Role within the Union Edit

Commissars are a combination of military order, political enforcers and vigilantes. They often travel throughout the territory of the Soviet Star Union, mediating disputes and hunting down dangerous criminals. At other times, they can be found on the front lines of the Union's constant wars, commanding ships or leading the charge of the ground forces. They have a well-earned reputation of fierce warriors.

Commissars also sometimes the role of counterintelligence, as well as carrying out missions such as espionage, sabotage and assassination, complementing the KGB.

History Edit

The earliest records mentioning the Order of Commissars, date back to the year 540 I.C., and it portrays them as justiciars and political enforcers, who preach the ideological precepts of Infinite Conquest. Due to the order's secrecy, very little is actually known about their history, but it is known that they established their headquarters on Kremlin, in the year 3301 I.C.

Commissars have achieved a near-legendary status within the Soviet Star Union, feared and revered by citizens and politicians alike. Their poorly-understood, quasi-mystical abilities, which have been first mentioned in records starting with the year 1409 I.C., have certainly contributed to that.

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