The I-3A lance fighter is the main aerospace fighter design used by the war fleets of the Soviet Star Union.

Characteristics Edit

Developed by the Mikoyan Design Bureau, the I-3A lance fighter is a well-armed heavy interceptor design and the most common type of strike craft found within the Soviet warfleet. Able to operate in both outer space and planetary atmosphere, it is a versatile, reliable design that is easy to pilot and maintain.

Built primarily for speed and acceleration, the I-3A is a long, sleek fighter with a very small frontal and lateral profile, which makes it very difficult to accurately target. Despite the advanced technologies which go into the manufacture of this fighter, the I-3A is a relatively simple design which has been described as a "cockpit strapped to an engine and an FTL unit, with guns sticking out the front". Although it is a very fast fighter, its heavy armor and profile give it a disadvantage in maneuverability, especially during atmospheric flight.

Its primary armament is a pair of plasma lances, which make up half of the ship's length, but the I-3A is also equipped with a trio of light automatic coilguns with a high rate of fire (two on the wings, one on the underside). In addition, the I-3A is also fitted with a pair of missile tubes, located under the cockpit.

The I-3A lance fighter is powered by a small onboard nuclear fusion reactor and it has a large Mikoyan S-980 fusion torch for propulsion, which gives it its impressive speed and acceleration. It is also outfitted with a Warp Drive for short-distance FTL travel, enabling it to also perform scouting missions, although it only carries enough supplies for a maximum of four days.

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