The Polikarpov class is the main multirole corvette fielded by the Soviet Star Union's war fleets.


As the name implies, the Polikarpov class was developed by the Polikarpov design bureau, with some assistance from the Bartini-Beriev design bureau, to serve as a multirole corvette for the Soviet Star Union.

Like its bigger sister ship, the Carpathia Class, the Polikarpov corvette incorporates stealth capabilities and a four axis engine cluster arrangement, to maximize maneuverability. Its extreme maneuverability and low sensor profile, can make it a very challenging opponent and corvettes of this class are usually deployed in groups.

The Polikarpov class is outfitted with the latest nanocomposite lattice armor, which can adjust its crystalline structure to absorb kinetic impacts or reflect energy weapons. Also, due to its design, the ship presents a very small profile and its aggressive sloping can aid in deflecting enemy projectiles.

Its armament consists of four light railgun batteries (two on top and two on the bottom) and ten light plasma lances, giving the Polikarpov excellent performance in the role of fleet point defense. Its ability to challenge larger ships should not be underestimated, however, as the Polikarpov is also fitted with eight frontal missile tubes, giving the ability to perform in the role of long range anti-capital bomber.

Despite not being rated even as a sub-capital ship, the Polikarpov's small internal hangar, which is located ventrally and accessible through a port on the underside of the ship, can carry two I-3A Lance Fighters in addition to its small atmospheric shuttle. The ship's biggest drawback is its small troop complement, as it is not designed to perform boarding actions or deploy troops on the ground and therefore only carries a few Ultranauts to defend against enemy boarders.

The Polikarpov class is outfitted with both a Rift Drive and a Warp Drive for FTL and it is powered by a Zero Point Module, which reduces its sensor footprint.

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