The Infantry of the Guard (пехота охранником in High Soviet) are the elite heavy infantry force of the Soviet Star Union. Used as shock troops, they are often deployed into the hottest combat zones and are considered the Red Army's deadliest units.

Overview Edit

Red Guards are distinguished from regular Ultranauts by their black armor, which is adorned with a red-and-white stripe on the right arm. The armor itself, is a nanosuit, with similar features to regular thermokinetic armor, but much more advanced and fitted with a jetpack which increases the Guards' mobility, as well as allowing them to perform high-altitude insertions, or fight in outer space. Guard Sections are also equipped with heavy armored vehicles such as the T-334/96 Main Battle Tank, unlike regular Infantry Sections, as well as artillery pieces such as the Katyusha Missile Launcher. As such, they are a combination of infantry and mechanized force.

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