The Su-47 is a highly sophisticated lance fighter design with stealth characteristics, designed for special operations.

Characteristics Edit

Designed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau, the Su-47 Lance Interceptor is the result of the Advanced Strike Interceptor project, which was ordered by the Soviet Star Union for the purpose of developing a stealth aerospace fighter with the capability to go undetected under enemy sensors and perform surprise attacks. Although it shares many similarities with its more common and well-known cousin, the I-3A Lance Fighter, the Su-47 is a very different machine.

During the development of the Su-47, numerous changes were made to the lance fighter platform, in order to conform to the specifications requested by the Politburo. The Su-47 lacks the automatic railguns which, on the I-3A design, are located on the wings and under the cockpit. Instead, the decision was made to sacrifice one of the plasma lances, in order to fit an automatic railgun and a missile launcher within one of the lance pylons, so that the fighter would not lose versatility. Although not as heavily armed as the I-3A Lance Fighter, the Su-47 benefits from a reloadable missile launcher, which can carry up to three missiles and nine switchable warheads which can be swapped in mid-flight.

The biggest difference lies in the Su-47's armor and internal components. Its outer hull is coated in a special material, which blocks sensor readings and the fighter features an internal holographic projector which gives the fighter the capability for limited visual camouflage. In addition, the Su-47 is also fitted with a revolutionary power plant, in the form of a cold fusion reactor, which produces very little heat. The fighter's thruster was also designed in such a way as to minimize the sensor readings given by the S740 fusion torch engine which has been specially developed for this fighter. The Su-47 is also capable of short-range FTL jumps, which combine with its stealth features to create a very capable scout ship.

Due to its costs, lengthy manufacturing process and difficulty of maintenance, the Su-47 is only fielded in limited numbers and is mostly available to special forces and some ships under the permanent command of the Order of Commissars.

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