The Tu-150 Torpedo Bomber is the most common design of anti-capital strike fighter in the service of the Soviet Star Union's military.

Characteristics Edit

Designed by the Tupolev Design Bureau, in collaboration with Mikoyan, the Tu-150 is a large, heavy fighter-bomber armed with formidable anti-ship torpedoes, but sluggish and lacking in anti-fighter armament, which leads to it having inadequate dogfighting capability.

Sharing many design similarities with the I-3A Lance Fighter, which was developed alongside it, the Tu-150 is slightly larger.

Due to its sluggishness, it was necessary to outfit this fighter-bomber with a rapid fire railgun turret. This required the addition of a gunner, in order to avoid overtaxing the pilot with the additional task of manning the turret, which led to the Tu-150's distinctive dual-cockpit design.

In terms of additional light weaponry, the Tu-150 is only equipped with a single autocannon, however, it has impressive anti-ship combat capabilities, due to its two torpedo tubes, which can carry high-yield fusion torpedoes.

Like the I-3A, the Tu-150 is also powered by a nuclear fusion reaction, however propulsion is provided by a pair of fusion torch engines which Tupolev has designed in-house. In terms of FTL capabilities, the Tu-150 is equipped with an older-model T80 Warp Drive, provided by the Mikoyan Design Bureau, as the newer 260 Warp Drive used on the I-3A, had not yet been developed at the time. However, due to the added second cockpit and the turret, cargo space is very limited, allowing the Tu-150 to carry enough rations for only 24 hours, thus hindering its ability to operate on its own for extended periods of time.

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