The Mobile Infantry Corps, (мобильный стрелковый корпус in High Soviet), more commonly known as Ultranauts, ar the regular infantry force and the backbone of the Soviet Star Union's vast army.

Overview Edit

Ultranauts, sometimes called ultra-cosmonauts, form the backbone of the Soviet Star Union's ground forces and as such, they are found at the forefront of Soviet planetary conquest. They are organized in Infantry Sections, which are attached to Fleet Sections. Their equipment consists of a wide range of armored personnel carriers, logistics vehicles and robotic walkers, as well as light combat shuttles, such as the Mil-144 "Hind" gunship. Their armament consists of a versatile range of gauss weapons, such as the AK-994 Lance Rifle. Easily recognizable by their distinctive, white segmented thermokinetic armor, they are infamous for their highly effective tactics and high mobility.
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