The Volga class is the main capital ship of the line serving in the Soviet Star Union's war fleet.

Characteristics Edit

The Volga class is a hybrid war ship of the line, which performs both the roles of battleship and main fleet carrier, as well as having the capacity to transport a large number of troops and vehicles for ground assault. As it is designed for the role of primary ship of the lance, the Volga is built to withstand sustained fire, outfitted with heavy armor and a large number of turrets. Its high-sloping lateral profile is designed to increase the ship's broadside firing arc and its turrets are arranged in a way which takes advantage of that.

The Volga is the largest heaviest capital ship in the service of the Soviet Star Union, only surpassed by the Red October Class siege cruiser, which is classified as a supercapital ship. The design of the Volga gives it the capacity to carry a large number of strike craft and can carry up to 84 fighters, although the usual complement consists of 60 Lance Fighters and 24 Torpedo Bombers. In addition, the Volga also carries 32 Dropships for transporting troops and vehicles to planetary surface. The design actually features two separate hangar bays, which are accessible by two ports each, for a total of four access ports, all located at the front end of the ship, which is typically facing away from the line of fire, allowing the Volga to fire its weapons and perform carrier operations at the same time.

Volga class battlecarriers are powered by matter-antimatter fusion reactors and feature five fusion torch engines of the same type as the Kirov Class battlecruiser. Due to their size and armor, Volga class battlecarriers are slow and cumbersome, having to rely on support ships to prevent enemy vessels from flanking them.

Like all Soviet war ship designs, the Volga class features two types of FTL travel technologies, in the form of a Type-8 Rift Drive for instantaneous travel from beacon to beacon, within Soviet space, as well as a slower Mikoyan 435 Warp Drive as a backup, or for operation within territory where Riftspace infrastructure is not present.

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